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Winter Health Tips To Stay Fit And Safe In The Cold

Winter Health Tips To Stay Fit And Safe In The Cold

The cold weather is here and with it comes the dreaded winter bugs. Not only that, but motivation levels tend to drop in winter with the rain, cold, and snow. We know that we need to stay healthy in the colder months, but it is so much harder to find the drive to do so!

To help boost your motivation and keep you fit and safe, we have put together our top winter health tips for these colder months.


Our Top 10 Winter Health Tips

1: Plan A Vacation

Who says vacations are only for summer time? If you plan a vacation for winter, you might just be able to escape overseas to warmer weather. It is also a really good boost for your mind and body, as winter hits us in the middle of the year in the Southern Hemisphere. The lovely summer break seems like it was so long ago!


2: Get Social

There can be a tendency to hole up inside the house during winter. It’s cold, who wants to go out? But it is important to keep up your social connections in winter. It is traditionally a time when your mood can lower. You might even be prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder which sees you exhibiting symptoms of depression in the colder months. Interacting with your friends, family and loved ones can keep your mood positive and stop you from becoming lonely.


3: Meditation And Relaxation

Winter is a prime time for anxiety, stress and the blues to hit. It is important to know how you can manage them in a healthy way. Relaxing yourself with deep breathing or mindful meditation can help to ground and calm you. Find a quiet spot to sit, empty your mind of all your thoughts and focus on being present in the moment. You can also drastically reduce stress levels and anxiety with a walk in the fresh air. Wrap up warm and pound that pavement!


4: Eat Well

Comfort foods are very tempting in winter time, but remember to keep eating the rainbow. That means lots of foods of different colours, green and orange veggies, white oats, nuts and meat for protein, pink fish for omega 3 fatty acids, and colourful spices to add flavour and improve your immune function. Even the grey of mushrooms have naturally occurring antibiotics that boost your immune system.


5: Wash Your Hands

Regularly washing your hands can really help to maintain your health during winter. It can prevent cold and flu germs from developing. Not only do you protect your own health by washing your hands, but you protect the others around you by not spreading germs.


6: Get Quality Sleep

Sleep is when your body restores the stresses of the day. Plenty of quality sleep will help keep your healthy and strong. Not enough sleep can leave you lethargic and can also affect things like your memory and brain function. While it sounds a bit odd, set yourself a designated bedtime and stick to it. Use the cosy, long evenings of winter to wind down and relax before heading to bed early.


7: Get Your Car Serviced

It is not just your own health you should be worried about, but the health of your vehicle too. Often you will be reliant on your vehicle to get you from A to B on those cold and icy mornings, so you don’t want anything to go wrong and end up stranded. Book your vehicle in for a service at the beginning of winter to ensure that it is going to remain reliable. It is also a good idea to have your tyres and brakes checked for efficiency. The roads are more slippery in the colder months, and you want to make sure you can stop safely every time.


8: Be Mindful Of Your Heating

Our natural instincts are to use heating to keep warm in winter. But make sure you are using it safely and efficiently. Always follow the user instructions to operate your heating correctly. Heaters can be a major fire risk if they are not maintained well. If you have a fireplace, then ensure you extinguish the flame fully before going to bed or leaving the house.


9: Keep Up Your Exercise

It can be hard to get motivated for a run on a cold morning. Instead, you might want to choose an indoor group fitness class at your gym, or a workout video on Youtube. Keeping your activity levels up will maintain your fitness over winter, keep your mood in a positive state, and also help you to ward away germs.


10: Take Supplements

Taking supplements can be a good way to balance out any deficiencies in your diet. Vitamin C won't prevent you from getting a cold, but it will help you recover from your symptoms if you do manage to catch one. The best source of Vitamin D is from the sun, but you can also take a supplement to help you absorb other important nutrients like vitamin A, iron and calcium.


Bonus Tip - Enjoy Winter Sports: Funnily enough, winter is a great time for winter sports. Hit the slopes for some skiing, snowboarding, or sledding. Cover off your physical activity, fun and vacation all at once!


Hopefully these winter health tips help you to look after yourself and those around you this winter. Stay warm, stay dry and remember to have fun!

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