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Why You Should Be Journaling

Why You Should Be Journaling

Journaling is all the rage currently. Everyone who is anyone seems to be doing it, even Oprah! But what is the hype all about, should you be keeping a journal too?

Journaling serves two purposes, to document your life and to act as an emotional release. That’s not to say that you are documenting hanging out the washing and making dinner for a movie biopic of your life. But more of a nostalgia exercise for yourself and your family to reflect on in years to come.

Documenting your life is not the only reason to keep a journal. Let's have a look at the journaling craze and why it is so popular…


Why You Should Be Journaling

Helps Your Mental Health

The act of putting pen to paper has great benefits for your mental health. Simply getting the words out had been known to relieve stress and help you to process your emotions. Keeping a record of your wins and achievements will also do wonders for your self-esteem.

Writing your thoughts can also help you deal with the aftermath of traumatic events. Being able to read back over the events allows you to take an objective approach. You can relive the events and how you reacted in a safe, non-threatening space. You can then process what happened with a bit of distance, like you are looking in from the outside.


Clears Your Mind

Writing about your thoughts and feelings helps to declutter your mind. When those thoughts aren’t floating around in your head like crazy, but are quite clearly on the page in front of you, it is easier for your brain to process them. Once you organise your thoughts, you will have more space to dedicate to other thinking. That means increased creativity, better focus and more productivity.


A Chance For Self Improvement

It is a lot easier to express yourself in writing then it is when you confront your thoughts in your head. Plus, you will have a written record of your actions and behaviours. Examining those can help you improve yourself. You will be able to spot negative behaviour patterns and also the positive ones. Knock the negative ones on the head and focus on the positive for the chance to improve yourself.


Keeps You On Track For Your Goals

Goals are normally began with the best intentions. But if you don’t track what you are doing, how can you know if you are making progress? Your journal can help you do this. Committing things to writing means you can look back on what you have done and check your progress. It helps to keep you accountable and moving forward with your goals.


Improves Memory And Problem Solving

Decluttering your mind and opening it up to the possibility of creativity also helps to build your memory and problem solving skills. With less clutter your memory will be able to function better. And being able to think more creatively will help you to tackle problems unlike before. If you remove the mental blocks, you leave the space for brainstorming and coming up with creative solutions to any issues.


Helps You Form Good Habits

Everyone has habits. Some are bad ones, and some are good. The bad habits can potentially be damaging to your health, wellbeing and relationships, so you want to replace them with good ones. Doing something as simple as beginning a daily writing practice can put you on track for forming good habits. Once you are committed to writing in your journal every day, you can move onto forming other good habits. Your daily journal writing could become the starting trigger for a new batch of daily habits.


So Who Is Ready To Write?

As you can see, journaling can be really beneficial. It’s no wonder that Oprah does it! Like any habit, it can be hard to begin and to stick to it. When I started journaling, I found the thing that made me want to keep with it was having something beautiful to write in.

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  • Wendy Fleisher