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Travel Essentials For Your Carry On Luggage

Travel Essentials For Your Carry On Luggage

Booking the flights for your next trip fills you with excitement. That is, until you think about packing.

Whether you are boarding a plane to far away shores for a few weeks, or even heading somewhere in-country for a business trip, it’s important to pack well. Particularly with your carry on luggage.

Long haul epic plane journeys require a bit of fine tuning to ensure you have all the bits and pieces you need to be comfortable and occupied. And even short flights require a bit of thinking ahead.

Never fear, we have got the travel essentials you need to pack into your carry on luggage covered.  That way, you can focus on the more important aspects, like how to spend your precious time away.


Travel Essentials For Your Carry On Luggage

Travel info, Documents and Valuables

Let’s cover off the important stuff first. Your documents are definitely travel essentials! You will need them on hand for getting through customs. Pack your passport and your photo ID in an easy to reach pocket. Don’t forget to keep them protected in a stylish and unique passport cover .

Be prepared with back up printed copies of your itineraries and travel bookings, along with photocopies of your passport or necessary travel visas as backup. Keep them neat and easy to access in a document or travel wallet .

Don’t forget to bring enough cash to get by and don’t pack your credit or EFTPOS cards in your checked-in baggage, keep them close!

Throw a pen into your bag too, for filling out any documents on the way through. While you are at it, a travel journal or diary is an awesome way to capture those important memories, jot down ideas, make lists or kill some time in-flight.


Expect The Best But Prepare For The Worst

Even if you are flying domestically, checked-in luggage can and does go walkabout. Make sure you have everything you need to survive for at least two or three days in your carry on in case you need to wait for your lost luggage to be returned.

Pack a change of underwear and a fresh shirt, toothbrush, toothpaste, and any personal items you absolutely can’t live without like your favourite skincare. Throw in your glasses or contact lenses too.

If you need daily medication, make sure you pack enough into your carry-on to last you a week or so - you never know how long misplaced luggage might take to reach you.


Stay Fresh And Clean

Getting to the airport, lining up in queues and waiting for hours before being cooped up in a small space leaves even the best of us less than sparkly. Pack a few essentials to keep you feeling fresh during the flight.

You’ve already got some bits and pieces packed in case of delays or lost luggage. Add some multi-purpose wet-wipes, hand sanitiser, tissues, eye-drops for the old airplane dry-eyes, and a little bottle of your favorite moisturiser.

If you have a long transit, you might want to add in a small bottle of shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Although liquids must be packed in a clear zip lock bag according to airline regulations, store everything else in a cute toiletry bag so that you aren't fumbling around in search of anything.


Entertain Yourself

Budget airlines don’t provide in-flight entertainment and you will want to keep your valuable electronics close to you anyway. Pack your laptop, tablet or kindle to keep you entertained - make sure you have a good protective sleeve or cover to stop them getting damaged.

Don’t forget your chargers! While some fancy airlines might have USB ports to charge with, you might also want to bring along your portable charger. Make sure you check with your carrier first as some may not allow these on board.


Stay Comfy

Here is an unfortunate newsflash. Unless you are lucky enough to be flying first class, you’re not going to be travelling in comfort. Bring along anything to make the experience more pleasant! It can get chilly in-flight, so throw in a comfy pair of socks and a travel blanket.

Bring an inflatable pillow, ear plugs and eye mask for long haul flights to help you snooze - and you can never go wrong with noise-reducing headphones.

Budget airlines usually charge for food, so pack a few snacks to munch on.

There you have it, your carry on travel essentials sorted. You will of course need a gorgeous bag to put them all in, so why not check out the range we have here in store.

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