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The Growing Trend of BYO Lunch Containers

The Growing Trend of BYO Lunch Containers

Recently, St Pierre's Sushi has made headlines when they highlighted concern over the amount of waste that is generated by their takeaway packaging. They want a solution, but they aren't quite sure what that should be. One of the suggestions was to allow to their customers to bring their own lunch containers or lunchboxes to carry their sushi away in.

This got me thinking about the idea of BYO lunch containers in general, as it's not just sushi packets that generate waste. Many of the burger joints have embraced recyclable packaging by using paper wraps and cardboard boxes, but then they put it in a plastic bag, give you a plastic straw or include plastic cutlery to eat your meal with. It doesn't really seem like anyone is going the whole hog with this idea. Let's explore the concept of BYO lunch containers and how they could work.

Where Could You Do It?


As St Pierre's has indicated, it could be a solution to thousands of tonnes of packaging waste if restaurants, cafes and eateries allowed people to pack the food they are purchasing into their own lunch containers brought from home. It doesn't just have to be sushi either, it could be sandwiches and rolls, bakery treats, burgers, buffets, the possibilities are endless!

So if you are heading to St Pierre's, or any other place for lunch, you don't want to be embarrassed by the container you take along. If you are looking for the perfect lunchbox to take with you, then check out of range of adult lunch boxes at Yum Yum Store.

The Cafe

Do you know that you can take your own reusable cup  into a cafe and ask them to make your hot drink in it? Even better is that most cafes will actually offer you a discount on your drink if you bring your own cup. Save the environment and a few dollars at the same time!

When Food Shopping

Imagine the time you would save if you could put your pasta, rice, oats and quinoa directly into your own storage container. No more tipping food out of packets and into containers after doing the supermarket shopping. Some bulk food outlets allow you to take your groceries home in your own containers,  removing the need for the ever present packaging waste.


Avoid the need to drink out of disposable plastic cups at festivals and events by bringing your own stainless steel or reusable versions.

The Pros of BYO Lunch Containers


The benefits to the environment are obvious. Reducing the amount of disposable plastic packaging you throw away means less waste in landfills, in the community and in our oceans.

No Chemicals

By using your own container, you will be able to control the surface that your food touches. Part of the resistance to bringing your own lunch container is how difficult it could be to monitor cleanliness for health standards.

But, let's flip that on its head and question how healthy it is to eat your pizza off a toxin treated cardboard surface?!


The Cons of BYO Containers

The Embarrassment

Yep, there is the shame factor of people pointing and laughing when they see you with your own containers. But what are they laughing at? The fact that you are taking steps to prolong our beautiful planet, the fact that you are promoting less food waste, or that you are saving businesses money by not using their replaceable resources. Doesn't sound so funny when we put it that way huh?

Carrying Them Around

Remembering your BYO lunch containers and working out the best way to transport them will take some getting used to. But once you have your system in place, you won't look back. Keep stackable and takeaway ready containers in the boot of the car in a reusable bag for when you are eating out. Plan when you are going to the supermarket and when you grab your shopping list, grab your containers too.

It doesn't take much effort to change the way you shop when food is concerned. Most businesses are happy for you to bring your own containers, and maybe you don't actually want to shop from the ones that don't!

Start your reusable collection right here at Yum Yum Store with our great collection of lunchboxes, reusable cups , silicone tipped stainless steel straws , and eco-friendly shopping bags .

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