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Cool Ways To Show Your Personality In A Corporate Environment

Cool Ways To Show Your Personality In A Corporate Environment

Corporate life can feel a bit too uniform and suffocating at times. Unless you happen to work in a hipster startup that has beanbag chairs and a slide instead of stairs, most workplaces are boringly similar. It can be hard to show some individuality within the corporate environment while maintaining a professional style.

Luckily, NZ is pretty laid back. Even in a serious office, you can show off a bit of your personality in some fun ways. So, if you are bored of the same old everyday office grind, read on to find some creative ideas to help you show your individual style from day to day.


Show Your Personality In A Corporate Environment...

Upgrade Your Lunch Style

Let's start with the highlight of the workday - lunch break! If you are in the practice of bringing a packed lunch to work, you can do it in style with a funky lunchbox. Whether you're packing a fluoro bento box or an eco-friendly reusable sandwich bag like this gorgeous pastel number [https://yumyumstore.co.nz/collections/reusable-sandwich-and-snack-bags/products/snackngo-lunch-bag-plain-green?variant=12516230070343], there are endless options to give your meal a bit of flare.

Let’s not forget about the highly-prized drink containers - from travel mugs to water bottles, you can slurp in style. Check out the range here.


Add Some Colour To Your Stationery

Though most of us pack a smartphone or tablet everywhere we go, it is still hard to get by without some old-school stationery. And there really is something special about writing notes by hand that helps them to sink in better.

Ditch that boring black planner and opt for something cooler. You can still maintain that professional vibe rocking an elegant Ted Baker notebook with a striped or floral cover. Don’t forget to invest in a matching pen - whipping out the generic biro you got free from the bank doesn’t scream personality.


Protect Your Tech With Flair

Laptops, iPads, smartphones, tablets - you may have one or all of these digital tools to carry around with you from meeting to meeting. Making sure you keep them safe is top priority, but also a great chance to give people a glimpse of who you are.

This laptop case with striking monsterra design is oh-so-kiwi, and perfect to bring a slice of mother nature into your work life.  

Pimp Your Desktop

There is no office rule stating your desktop has to be monochrome and lacklustre, and being organised doesn't have to be tedious. Keep paperclips handy in this awesome ted baker stationery case, jot your memos on cute cat sticky notes or add a splash of colour to your workspace with an oversized weekly planner with a tropical theme.


Dress For Success

While some workplaces may be more "buttoned-up" than others, you can still find subtle, creative ways to stand out from the crowd. Showing individuality may, in fact, get you noticed and act as a talking point with colleagues or the big bosses. Slip a pair of crazy rainbow socks on for a flash of creativity - like this Odd Socks Funk You collection, choose a unique tie or scarf or rock a statement piece of jewellery.


While there are limits on how “out there” you can get in expressing your style, there are endless ways to showcase your personality in the corporate environment. Those working in the creative industries may have a little more incentive and flexibility to show off their individuality over those working in a top law firm.

Figure out your office culture and take the time to select a few key items that cleverly and elegantly showcase who you are.

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  • Wendy Fleisher