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10 Awesome Benefits of Reusable Cups

10 Awesome Benefits of Reusable Cups

Did you know that billions and billions of disposable cups end up in landfills worldwide every year? That is a phenomenal amount of waste! While some are made of recyclable materials, the majority aren't. So the waste begins to pile up higher and higher.

What if I told you there was a better way? A way that actually cost you less and was so much better for the environment. The solution is reusable cups, they have so many benefits. I am going to disclose 10 of those benefits now.......

10 Awesome Benefits of Reusable Cups

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Reusable cups are designed to maintain the heat of the liquid inside. Glass, insulated materials, or double walled plastic all keep your drink toasty warm until you get the chance to drink it - even if that isn't for half an hour or so. Imagine the brownie points you will bank if you do the office coffee run and actually come back with hot drinks instead of lukewarm ones!


Your hot drink will taste exactly as it should in a reusable cup, no nasty polystyrene or any other materials tainting the flavour.

BPA Free

All of the cups that we stock at Yum Yum Store are completely BPA free. They are also designed specifically to hold liquids of a high temperature, so are completely safe.

Make and Take

Don't panic about skulking down your cuppa before you rush out of the front door in the morning. If you make your drink in a reusable cup then you can just take it with you. No more coming home to a half drunk cup of tea on the dining table!

Less Spills

Don't you hate the feeling of your drink overflowing out of the little spout, running down your hand and up your sleeve? Well, with the seals and design of a reusable cup, you won't have to worry about those annoying spills any more!

Cost Saving

Many cafes and eateries will offer you a discount on the price of your coffee of you bring your own cup. So after purchasing a reusable cup, you can take it wherever you go and save money!

No Burnt Fingers

Those disposable coffee cups get so hot to hold in a very short time. So if you grab a coffee on your walk to work, your hand will feel like it is on fire long before you get to your desk. A reusable cup has the built in technology that prevents against burnt hands, with a silicone band or a double wall structure. That way you can walk as far as you like carrying your drink.

Just Like The Cafe

Designers of reusable cups are pretty clever. They have engineered them to be the same size as standard coffee cups. That means that you don't miss out on any delicious Java as your cup holds the same amount!

Better For The Environment

This is a pretty major factor for switching away from disposable cups. You can use a disposable cup one time only, but you can use a reusable cup hundreds of times. Think of all the waste you are keeping out of the landfills.


Disposal cups are always such boring colours, so plain and generic. Buying a reusable cup is a real excuse to show your sense of style. They come in different colours, different patterns, or with motivational and humorous messages. Check out the amazing range at Yum Yum Store now, we have so many to choose from. It doesn't matter if you like spots, stripes or humour...... we have you covered!

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  • Wendy Fleisher